Proclamation to declare
July 27 as the
Head and Neck Cancer Day
at the IFHNOS 5th World Congress
Marriott Marquis, New York

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At the largest ever gathering of specialists in Head and Neck Cancer, in New York on July 27th 2014, on the occasion of the 5th World Congress of IFHNOS, we the organizers and participants :

  • Note with great concern that Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) is the leading cause of death and disability in many parts of the world. It affects people in the productive age-group. Most of this mortality and morbidity are preventable.
  • Recognize that treatment related toxicities, distress, deformities, and disabilities add significantly to the disease burden
  • Express concern that the burden of HNSCC is putting a strain on national health care systems and impoverishing individuals, families and society.
  • Understand that the causes of HNSCC (mainly tobacco, alcohol, areca nut, Human Papilloma Viruses) have economic, social, political ramifications. Therefore, HNSCC control requires a multi-sectoral response. The participation by Government, civil society, academia, industry and the private sector is crucial to the control of HNSCC.
  • Note with concern that millions of people suffer from delayed diagnosis, inadequate treatment, inappropriate rehabilitation and palliation.

We, the members of the IFHNOS, and the participants of the 5th World Congress,
therefore pledge to motivate our governments in reducing the burden of HNSCC by:

  • Providing affordable facilities for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, surveillance and palliative care;
  • Synergizing multiple sectors to plan, execute, monitor and evaluate national HNSCC control activities. Synchronize HNSCC control efforts with a broader national cancer control program
  • Strengthening primary health care system and introduce community-based approaches for awareness, prevention and early detection of HNSCC.
  • Enhancing expertise of Physicians (Oncologists, Otolaryngologists, Dentists, General Physicians) by upgrading their knowledge and skills through continuous medical education.
  • Establishing an environment that reduces the risk factors (tobacco, alcohol, areca nut, alcohol abuse etc) using options including legislation, policies, taxation, and public awareness.
  • Strengthening National cancer registry and surveillance systems, with emphasis on monitoring HNSCC and the related risk factors
  • Promoting research on HNSCC with regards to low cost alternatives, prevention, early detection, management, and quality of life.

To achieve the above goals we support the proposal to commemorate 27th July as Head Neck Cancer Day every year. This day will serve to reinforce our commitment to accomplish H&N Cancer control in accordance with multi-pronged approaches mentioned above.

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